Body Armour 9H Permanent Paint Protection


$350 motorcycle 

$750 small    

$800 medium    

$850 Large/sports/ute    

$900 XLarge/4x4/SUV

Caravan/Boat/VAN - POA yes we can coat them too..!

PACKAGE includes:

  • Heavy Duty Foam wash
  • High pressure clean rims & wheel arches
  • Air dry vehicle
  • Claybar & chemical decontamination
  • Single stage machine polish (enhances gloss) suited for newer vehicles
  • Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe down (removes waxes/oils)
  • All Glass, Paint surfaces and wheels Coated with Body Armour 9H

Body Armour 9H is an Australian brand with extensive testing and fine tuning of our formula done in Australia, to ensure it is completely suitable for Australian conditions.

HSV Clubsport BA9H - 1

Our climate is one of the most aggressive on Earth, therefore many ceramic coatings on the market that are designed for use primarily in other countries simply will not last through years of abuse under the Aussie sun.This remarkable paint protection coating also exhibits strong defence from salt spray and salty environments, plus resistant to de-icing fluids used in areas prone to snow.

A45 AMG BA9H - 5

The Body Armour 9H hydrophobic coating will take the beating on behalf of your paintwork. Think of it as a second skin, only tougher. Depending on the make of your vehicle, Body Armour 9H can double the scratch resistance of your clearcoat. This means less swirl marks and less scuffing from accidental bumps.

With our busy lifestyles, people are finding it harder and harder to find time to wash their car, let alone wax it! With Body Armour 9H, you dont need to worry about waxing again. The only maintenance needed then is a simple wash and dry.

Our prices do not have any hidden costs, unlike our competitors. Many other companies will lure you in with a "cheap" price and then start with the "optional extras" such as coating your alloy wheels and glass. Most of the time our competitors pricing will be higher than ours if you fully option your package with them. We also include a machine polish service in our package, which our competitors again charge extra for!

So what comprises the service?

Your vehicle is washed, chemically and mechanically decontaminated, machine polished, de-waxed and Body Armour 9H applied to all exterior surfaces of your vehicle, except soft rubbers or tyres. Alloy wheel faces and glass coating is included in the total cost. The time needed complete work can range anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours, depending on the size and condition of your car. Please call us for more information.

Why does my brand new car need a machine polish?


The truth of the matter is your vehicle will not be delivered in perfect condition. Your vehicle has been washed and polished several times before you even picked it up. If the people that have touched your vehicle are inexperienced or have rushed the work, your paintwork will be left looking in lacklustre condition, full of micro marring, machine polisher buffer trails and holograms. Your car dealer may attempt to hide the damage by using a concealing glaze on your paint. You will be amazed at how much extra gloss and depth to the paint work there is once a correct machine polish procedure has been conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Body Armour 9H?

Our original formula was developed over 5 years ago and was updated late 2013 into its current form. Body Armour 9H is a clear liquid. It is comprised of carrier solvents/fluids and our active ingredients. Our nano ceramic resin technology, developed through many years of research and development, is a closely guarded secret. We can however state that it is a pre-polymer ceramic resin bonded with several agents to increase gloss, protection and durability over OEM clear coat finishes. It reacts with the moisture in the atmosphere to dehydrate and forms a complex cross-linked uniform layer of protection.

Body Armour 9H bonds to the paint using several methods based on chemical reactions that occur between your cars paint and the coating itself.  Of these, the most prominent is the "covalent" bonding process, whereby two electrons from opposing substrates form an inseperable bond at the molecular level. The only way to remove Body Armour 9H from your vehicle is with abrasion, such as sanding or machine compounding.


  • Super Hydrophobic and Oleophobic properties
  • 9H impact resistance 
  • High gloss effect
  • Remarkable stain resistance


  • Coating hardness - (ASTM B117) - 9H Pencil
  • Adhesion Cross-Cut Tape - (ASTM D3359) - 5b (0%, none)
  • Mandrel Bend - (ASTM D522) - 0% @ 180 deg rotation
  • Impact (ASTM D2794) - @80in/lbs
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117) applied to bare steel panel at 5% solution, >350 hours to first sign of corrosion
  • Minimum curing time - 20 minutes for light driving
  • Full curing time - 2-4 days (quicker if exposed to heat)

Is the coating really permanent?

Body Armour 9H is as permanent as the paint on your car. Once our coating is applied to your vehicle, the covalent bonding process begins immediately. Due to the strong chemical bonding process (interlocking paint molecules with Body Armour 9H) it essentially becomes the functional surface of your car. 

What areas can be coated with Body Armour 9H?

Body Armour 9H can be applied to the entire exterior of your vehicle, except soft rubbers, tyres and mouldings. Most of customers have it applied to paint, glass and wheels as part of a package deal available from your approved applicator.

What is the difference between Body Armour 9H and what my dealer is offering?

Your Dealer is most likely selling you a WAX with added PTFE (Teflon) for added durability. Wax simply does not have the durability or protection that a "coating" like Body Armour can provide. Ask to see the bottle of "paint protection" they are offering. If it's a creamy substance, its a wax! That's it!

Your paint protection warranty from your car dealer will also be void if you use aggressive shampoos or waxes etc. This means that your warranty will be void if you take it to the local shopping centre car wash. This signifies that the product is WEAK and can be removed easily (remember, its just a wax).

How is the product applied?

Body Armour 9H is only available to applicators who have been trained in its application method. Our product arrives as a "kit" containing all that the detailer needs to apply the coating. The bottle of product is gradually dispensed to a microfibre applicator pad and applied to the vehicle, one panel at a time. Body Armour 9H takes about 1 minute (more or less depending on temperature) to "react" with the surface before the carrier solvents flash. Once the flashing of the solvents is completed, it is time to wipe off the excess and move to the next panel. 

An Annual Inspection is required every 12 months by a certified Body Armour applicator to ensure the coating is performing its best and keep your lifetime warranty valid, otherwise it defaults to 5 years.

Will it protect from stone chips?

No it will not. For a coating to be strong enough to resist stone chips, the product would be too brittle. We believe we have found the happy medium between strength and durability.

Do I need to use special soaps/shampoos to wash the car?

No you do not. You can use any shampoo you like, even the heavy duty ones.

Can I still wax the car if I want to?

Yes you can, although it is not needed and can actually have a negative impact on the hydrophobicity of Body Armour 9H. Waxing can also affect the anti-static properties of Body Armour 9H, as wax tends to collect dust.

How long before I can drive my car or get it wet after application?

The vehicle must remain stationary for at least 20 minutes prior to light driving. 

If you are intending to go for a longer drive or it is raining, you must wait 2 hours before driving.

** IF vehicle is in poor condition ie. heavy swirls, deep scratches (RDS), oxidisation or water spots, paint correction will be charged at a rate of $65 per hour 

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